News 2012

1. Back on the road with Jarre for a unique private concert in Poland.
claude samardAfter a long break we were all very happy to meet again for a one off private concert in Warshaw-Poland. After the huge 2011 European Tour last year , following intensive touring (more than 150 concerts in all Europe from Ukraine to Scotland in the last 5 years) we all needed to concentrate on personal projects that we had put aside. Touring is very addictive so we were happy to have another shoot Oct 9th :-)
The venue was amazing : the Warshaw Opera House (One of the widest stage in Europe). See a video i posted on my FaceBook Page

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News 2011

NOV/DEC 2011

Nov 20th End of JARRE European Arena Tour: 28 concerts in Arenas, 22.OOO km in planes and tour bus
The tour was a huge succes, it was great to meet all our friends coming from all over Europe, and discovering new places like Kiev, Austria etc...where we had never played. Thanx to all the fans, you all will find the photos of all 28 venues in my Gallery. Hope they will revive great memories.
You can also see them here on my FaceBook pages.
For me this tour was a very special personal experience with great musical moments on stage alternating with lots of hard times due to the passing of my dear mother Charlette (RIP) in the very middle of the tour , Oct 30th . It was the opportunity to appreciate the support of JM, Francis, Jerome, Louis, Fiona, Pierre, Edith and all the crew and fans during these very tough days. 

Recording sessions for french newcomer Dave Dario for Universal Mercury label at STUDIO 124
Right after the end of JM Jarre tour i completed the work for Universal Music artist Dave Dario. I ve always been lucky when working with artists from Caribeeans or Indian Ocean Islands : Rita Marley, Edith Lefel, Ph.Lavil, Stephanie Payet, Ralph Thamar, Jocelyne Beroard .... and now Dave Dario, from Mauritius. If some have reached #1 at Top 40, with Platinum and Gold records sales, they all where great human and musical experiences. As all these prestigious artists, Dave has a great voice and his music demonstrates his love for cool sunny moods, with the unique perfect blend of cool grooves and catchy melodies that is the island music trademark.
I played a lot of different guitars ranging from pedal steel to banjo and had the pleasure to work with Patrick Dupond and Jean Pierre Dreau who produced the album.

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