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A very busy last semester: The mixing, mastering and release of my new album "Vision of China, concert with Jarre in Sochi (Winter Olympics 2014) and several interesting studio projects for confirmed and new artists produced at Studio 124.

1- "VISION OF CHINA" is the title of my new album produced by Cezame Music Agency

The album will be available soon online on all major platforms. AUDIO EXCERPTS here on the Cezame Music Agency site :[]=18800

It  features 12 original songs + remixes (one by Chmsky), based on themes played by Chinese traditional instruments, arranged in different contemporary styles, ranging from Dubstep/Trap to electro-pop.
Cinematic atmospheres were inspired to me by all the striking and emotional images i brought back from trips in modern China.
Ehru, Yangqin, Guqin, Chinese vocals are mixed with top production tools , Ableton Live, NI Maschine.....
Pat Carie from the band "Rinôcérôse" added her production skills in the final stage.
The mastering will be done at Gum Prod/Green United Music studios (Woodkid, The Shoes...) by Theo Josso.
All songs composed by Claude Samard except "World Factory" co-written with Sathy Ngouane.

More infos on Twitter and Facebook
More pics to come from the studio sessions with the players, including the great erhu virtuoso Guo Gan.



We were lucky to be invited for the opening night of the "Galaktika" venue for a private concert in that brand new ice Arena , that features a special permanent floor dedicated to the russian space odyssey. So the choice of Jarre's music was quite natural. But rehearsing and playing in the ice arena was a challenge for our vintage analog gear plus for our fingers as well :-) . 
Some pics here, more to come in my photo Gallery
A non official video of the concert can be seen on YouTube :



Here with Pat Carie from "Rinôcérôse" for the final production touch. Tools of the trade

-------------------------------------Yingxue (Chinese vocals) and Guo Gan the Chinese Erhu virtuoso--------------------------------------------------


Jean MUSY is a long time talentuous friend. Thousands arrangements, hundreds TV and movie soundtracks to his credits.  I had the chance to work with him on different recent projects that we completed late 2013.

LILIE&MOI  a young duet from Lausanne (Switzerland) will be at the MIDEM 2014.
They sing and compose original songs and it makes no doubt they will be part of the 2014 pop scene. Arranged by Jean Musy, recorded and mixed @ Studio 124. Additional instruments by Claude Samard. Additional recording at Studio Marcadet with George Blumenfeld . Audio excerpts here : ,

Jean MORZADEC is completing his first 14 tracks CD at Studio 124 to be released early 2014.  I 'll give more infos about this long awaited  project that started at Studio 124 September 2014 with a cover of Gaetano Veloso's "O Leaozinho" that i re-arranged. All the other songs on the album are composed by JeanMorzadec.

EVE BRENNER's  new studio project , 2 original songs , arranged and composed  by Jean Musy. recorded and mixed at Studio 124


SOCHA is a young actress/singer . I arranged and recorded her new single "Bad Boys"

The song was composed by Yves Fajnberg
Socha can be seen on several TV series


1. Back on the road with Jarre for the Carthage Festival in Tunisia.
After another break devoted to our personnal studio projects I joined Jean Miche Jarre, Francis and Jerome for what lots of fans described as one of Jean Michel 's best show ever. Sharing the bill with artists ranging from G.Benson to Cheb Khaled or Shaggy this Festival was held in the Roman Amphitheater. Since 1964 reknowned stars have been participating, including James Brown , Joan Baez, Ray Charles...
We were all very happy to play together again , lots of smile, energy and sharing with an amazing audience feedback.
Playing music and sharing emotions with the Tunisian audience in those unstable political times was importantand Jean Michel was a great ambassador.
A 7mn video excerpt on YouTube
A backstage footage on YouTube
Here is a photo of the view we had just before the show :

- See more at:

2. Street Festival movie teaser : Suresnes Street Arts Festival 2013 :

For this 30th birthday edition 25
companies/bands will take possession of the city center. Acrobats, musicians...will give free performances. I' m happy to work again with Bon'Art (Khris and Flo) on the composition & production of the teaser film/Internet soundtrack.
festival des vendanges

3. Completing my latest solo project, due to be released by Oct 2013.

I started composing for this project almost a year ago. With the help of Rinocerose member Pat Carrie for the final touch. Great to work with her.It will be released at Cezame Music Agency

4. Composing a short movie soundtrack : "Untouchable".
Yaru Gao is a very promising young Chinese actress who lives in Paris. She played and directed her first 12mn long short movie.


1. Composing for my next solo project.
The album will be available online , 12 tracks to start with. China was an important source of inspiration, that s all i can say for now. All the tracks are completed , just wait for french beatmaker Chmsky Nowadays to complete one track with me.
This album was time consuming and didn t left me much time for other projects.

2. TV Series.
I worked for 2 TV series projects (France 2 & France 3) one being the opportunity to collaborate with UbiSoft Didier Lord, with whom i did so many UbiSoft video game soundtracks and trailers(Rayman, Cosmic family, Pod, Far Cry....)

3. New toys at Studio 124.
Controllers !!!! Maschine 2, APC 40, Novation Launchpad are now part of the control room :-) As is the long awaited "Beatles" Hofner bass as well as a few more boxes. A good surprise was the addition of 2 excellent russian/german mics : 2 vintage tube RFT MV-201 with a nickel MK 102.


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