4 "World" tips

Indian Ocean, America, Mediteranean..., so many places to go and so little time to actually go there; if you haven't had the opportunity to visit as many exotic places and jammed with the locals, here are 4 tips I have to help you create that "special" sound.

1. Spain
An Arabic-Andalousian flamenco sound comes from a good balance between the right-hand strokes and the resonance of the high-e string. Al Di Meola or closer to the french, Enrico Macias (you heard me!) are great examples of this particular technique, akin to the oud but played with a pick.
Pick Flamenco

2. North Africa
In order to imitate the double-string oud sound of the arabic luth and taken from a typical oud phrasing, this is also a great right hand and pick practice. Preferably played on nylon strings.

A la Oud

3. USA
Another tip for playing unissons and using resonances. Don't forget that acoutic instruments that are played in traditional musics don't use amps to prolong a sound and use other techniques in order to do so : unissons for a humming effect, tremolos etc... This clip imitates a bluegrass banjo.

Country intro

4. Madagascar
Thanks to Solorazaf master of the madagascan guitar, here you will hear a characteristic "Salegy" rhythm with an example of what is a superimposed theme. The Indian Ocean 6/8 groove is underlying in this example that should be played with the fingers (thumb and index). Follow the up and down stroke indications in both exercises very carefully.

Salegy rhythm #1

Salegy rhythm #2

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