Claude SAMARD POLIKAR is an explorer of musical landscapes. Over the years he has traveled successfully across many diverse musical territories as a musician, arranger, producer and film composer.

News 2015/2016 highlights


. Concerts with Jean Michel Jarre Oct-Dec 2016

2 pics : Left : concert at Montreux Festival, Right : program of the day in Barcelona

 .  More music for Cezame Music Agency 


Electronica Vol.#2 released worldwide Apr 2016. As for Vol#1 lots of prestigious collaborators from all generations (Jeff Mills, Primal Scream, Gary Newman, The Orb, Hans Zimmer, Rone...). As for Vol#1, the production team features Joachim Garraud, Marco Grenier, Stephane Gervais and me. 

. Jan 1st 2016 : STUDIO 124 relocated, now STUDIO 124 v.2

Studio 124 v.1 started in 2004. In December 2015 i moved a few blocks away and took the opportunity to make a radical upgrade to adjust my gear to the needs of a fast pace evolving music economy. I decided to get a smaller, more flexible and more portable system, only keeping the high-end hardware tools i was really using daily in the "real life", upgrading my ProTools rig and adding a few top notch outboard goodies.

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News 2014

1- "VISION OF CHINA" is now available online : you can find it on iTunes, Deezer, Amazon
All songs composed and arranged by Claude SAMARD-POLIKAR except " World Factory", co-written by Claude SAMARD-POLIKAR & Sathy NGOUANE and "Shanghai Calling" co-written with beatmaker CHOMSK', which is the last song produced for this project.
See all titles composed by Claude for Cezame/FLE

2 - "ORANGE FRANCE 4G" 3mn commercilal M4GIC film and Marcelww advertising agency part of the Publicis group.
Voice recorded at Studio 124 by Marc Saez, directed by Xavier Leboullenger.
3 - " Captain' Kid" new Alan Simon opus : additional recordings at Studio 124
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Studio 124
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Studio 124 Publishing
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